Wednesday, March 23, 2005

array in photoshop

Arrays in Photoshop
(Reapeatting Transormation)

There is to kinds of arrays, Regular (Linear, Circular), and Irregular, and I will discuss them both.

First open an image, paste it into a larger document and duplicate the layer that contains the image, press Ctrl + t to free transform the object, move it to the direction of your array

Press "enter", now hold Shift + Ctrl + Alt and press "T" several times, on each press your image will be duplicated along the direction you moved the duplicated layer to, keep pressing until you are satisfied with the result.

Using the same technique you can achieve the circular array, when you "Free transform" the duplicated layer, move the center of the object to the center of your array.

Now pressing "T" while holding Shift+ Ctrl + Alt should give you circular repletion around the center you specified